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Four Post Auto Lifts: SR-7H

The Ultimate Lift for Serious Auto Enthusiast

Most automobile enthusiast cars are among their most valuable possessions. The SR7H is made to the highest standards and is regarded as the best of the best in the automotive lift industry.

Best Seller The SR7H series is our most popular line of lifts. Every lift in this series is MADE IN THE USA. They are the safest, most reliable, free-standing, portable lifts on the market. Perfect for under-car maintenance like oil changes, tire and brake, exhaust, and detailing.

SPACE SAVER !!! The SR-7H lifts are also a great way to add space to your garage. Just raise one vehicle and park another underneath. Great for storing mowers, personal watercraft, golf carts, etc. We’ve even seen a woodshop mounted on one of our lifts. The sky’s the limit... literally... you can store just about anything on the SR-7H and still have room for your car underneath.

Innovators not Imitators. Our owner / founder designed the SR7H in 1992 to fit into a normal garage. Modifying a commercial lift would have been much easier, however to accomplish the goal of a true home/storage lift, it required starting from scratch! Items such as the locking devise had to be designed for days, months or even years of load bearing. Approach ramps needed to be removable instead of hanging in the way. This is just a few of the many innovative designs that make a lift capable of storing weight on their locks for years at a time if necessary.

Our lift may be the most copied lift ever. While we are flattered by it, upon further review, they (china) haven’t done a very good job. Inferior tensile strength in their steel, razor thin bushings, poor grades of hydraulic components and hardware, and lack of quality control have caused catastrophic failures all across the US. Remember, this is a once in a lifetime purchase….. is saving a few dollars really worth it?

A Lift to Meet Every Need. The SR-7H is available in three different models. The standard SR-7H (our best-selling lift) features a 71” rise. For storing SUV’s and Pickups, the SR-7HXLT (extra long and tall) is 20” longer and raises 10” higher than the standard model. If space is a problem, the SR-7HN is 6” narrower. The XLT can also be ordered in the narrower version.

Designed for Your Garage. Most people are shocked to find out that they can install a lift in a normal garage. The SR-7H was originally designed in 1992 to fit into an average garage. It actually uses less space than your car. It can be operated with a 110V or 220V power unit that works with most normal house currents.

There’s not a better lift. When you purchase an SR-7H, you have purchased “ the best “. We know that you could settle for one of the cheap Chinese lifts, that’s just one of the reasons we have to make it better. We cut and form every part on CNC machinery in our factory in Aurora, MO. Your lift will also be welded by skilled American Workers and engineered by some of the finest in the lift business! Your lift will go thru a minimum of 10 Quality control check points before shipping! Our own in house powder-coating system allows you to have a large choice of colors and has a “show quality” finish. We do not use any inferior components on this lift. Your safety and your vehicle safety relies on it!!!

Here to Stay. Since our inception in 1992 we’ve sold lifts to many, many, celebrities, athletes, automobile manufacturers, Fortune 500 companies, and 20,000 + regular guys who we value just as much. Although we were chosen for our outstanding quality and service, we have also outlasted most of our competition. Inferior quality and poor service has taken out most American Lift manufacturers. The Mexican Lift companies invaded in the late 90’s and disappeared a few years later. It’s only a matter of time until China’s poor quality catches up to them also. In the meantime, SuperLifts will be here building “nothing but the best” for our customers.

Timeless. Most people only purchase one lift in their lifetime. That’s why we offer our 5-Star warranty on the SR-7H Series. It’s pretty simple: We will warranty any part of your lift for as long as you own it. You see, saying you build the “best lift” in the industry is easy, showing it is something else!

• 98.5” Drive-Thru Clearance
   No playing “thread the needle” with your car. The widest standard clearance in the    industry
• 71” Under Ramp Clearance
   Locks in at 71” with optional pin kit.
• Captive Locks
   Our exclusive technology makes your lift virtually earthquake proof
• Single Point Safety Release
   Easy up – Easy down. Very user friendly
• On-Lift Ramp Storage
   The 36” approach ramps store between the rails – not on your garage floor.
• Enclosed Column Design
   Our original design provides safety from moving parts and long –lasting great looks.
• Hidden Hydraulics
   Covers attach to the bottom of the power ramp to provide a “finished” look to the bottom    of the ramp
• Solid Steel “Bar Stock” Locks
   Ten jig welded, enclosed, strategically positioned lock stops
• Completely Portable
   Just add the optional caster kit (pg 6) to wheel your lift freely around your garage.
• Free Standing
   Grade 8 bolts and welded reinforcements hold guides that keep your lift upright with no
   anchors needed.
• 3” Hydraulic Cylinder
   The largest cylinder in the industry. We provide a lifetime guarantee on the seals.
• 3/16” Thick Runways
   We use thicker ramps (others use 1/8”) to prevent sagging and bowing
• Aircraft Quality Lifting Cables
   14,500 lbs lifting strength per cable. A combined rating of 58,000 lbs!
• 7,000 lbs Rating
   Locks rated at a 3 to 1 safety rating. (Most Chinese are 2 to 1)
• Powder-Coated Finish
   Baked on at 450 degrees. Rivals most automotive finishes.
• Custom Sizes and Colors
   We custom build lifts to suit your needs
• 5 Star Lifetime Guarantee
   When ordered with Roller Bearing pulleys
• 9,000 lbs Capacity Model
   SR9H - More steel, Roller Bearing Pulleys, a real beefy unit

Lifting Capacity
7,000 lbs
7,000 lbs
7,000 lbs
7,000 lbs
Max Deck Height
Overall Length with 36" Approach Ramps
Overall Runway Length
Overall Height
Outside Column Width wo/Motor w/Motor
Between Posts
Floor Space Footprint
L170" x W112"
L190" x W112"
L170" x W106"
L190" x W112"

Specifications subject to change without notice or liability.

Captive Locks

Once the traps are locked in the channel, lateral movement will not knock it off.
98.5" Width

Wider is better. Our lifts offer plenty of between post clearance.
36" Approach Ramps

A must for low-profile vehicles.
On Lift Ramp Storage

The most sensible place to keep them.
71" Stroke 3" Bore Cyl.

The industry's longest stroke and biggest bore.
Hydraulic Covers

The lifting mechanism is completely hidden.
Single Point Release

Simple and easy to operate.
Anti-Spread Column Bolts

A simple strength and safety feature.

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